Quickly find the most relevant funding opportunities, and then easily implement those search results through an integration with Kuali Research.

With greatly improved efficiency, you can find more potential grants in a fraction of the time.

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Quick, Comprehensive Search Results

Via its team of grant specialists constantly on the hunt for academic funding opportunities, GrantForward curates an easily searchable database of available grants, helping institutions of higher learning to quickly locate opportunities that fit their needs and understand each grant’s requirements.

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More Funding Opportunities

GrantForward provides access to 9 to 10 times more funding opportunities, and their simple and user-friendly interface allows researchers to seek out funding opportunities perfectly tailored to their institutions and individual programs. Users can even set up filters for specific kinds of funding opportunities and get alerts whenever a new one pops up.

Finding funding opportunities has never been easier.

Save time and headaches with a sleek integration.

The process of finding grant opportunities, drafting proposals, and keeping track of all the relevant information is intensive enough. Why make it more difficult on yourself by manually transferring all data from prospective grant opportunities to your proposals, wasting time, and potentially botching crucial information?

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Exclusive integration means Kuali and GrantForward now work together to simplify your proposal writing process.
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The Future of Grant Proposals

In the past, users of both programs needed to manually copy information from their GrantForward search results, then input it into Kuali Research to start their grant proposal. Now, our integration lets you skip the back-and-forth. What used to be a chore now happens instantly. With just one click, you can import the grant’s details from GrantForward directly into Kuali Research and create a grant proposal.

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No switching between programs

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No worrying about human error

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No need to store information locally

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By removing friction and expediting the process for proposal creation, review, and approval, you can maximize your efforts and improve your odds of winning awards



Kuali is offering a one-month free trial of GrantForward so your institution can fully experience GrantForward's intuitive interface and outstanding database of funding opportunities. Institutions that use Kuali Research can immediately take advantage of the simple and powerful integration through a simple implementation, without integration fees.

Simplify your proposal writing process now with Kuali Research and GrantForward. Contact us today to get more info, access the implementation doc, or start your free trial.

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