What is Kuali Ready?

Learning never stops. Neither should your institution. Watch this 3 minute video to get a quick overview of the power of Kuali Ready.

Want more? You can watch a full Kuali Ready demo here.

What can you do with Kuali Ready?

Kuali Ready’s guided planning process, which draws on more than a decade of continuity planning experience at major institutions, can help you:

  • Identify critical functions by department
  • Analyze the impact of disruption to those functions
  • Plan strategies to quickly resume operations after a disruption
  • Guide the implementation of your resiliency plans
  • Evaluate their effectiveness
  • Manage your plans over time

What can Kuali Ready do for you?

Kuali Ready can help you improve readiness across your campus faster and more successfully.

  • Specific to higher education and makes sense to campus stakeholders
  • Guided prompts simplify complex processes
  • Standard reports show plan status across the institution and identify gaps
  • All-hazards approach helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Easy to implement so you can get started in hours, not weeks

Learning never stops. Neither should your institution.

Let’s face it. Planning for disruptive — even tragic — events that might occur on your campus isn’t exactly fun. But readiness today is an operational necessity — not just for IT, but for everyone across campus.

That’s why we’ve created Kuali Ready, an intuitive and easy-to-use continuity planning solution that can help you get the attention of every department and give them the tools they need to prepare for and even thrive after extraordinary events.

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Kuali lives to simplify processes for higher ed.
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Why Kuali Ready in the Cloud?

A proven, secure cloud architecture. Just a faster way to get where you need to go.

  • Move Faster. No hardware, no deployment, no maintenance.
  • Be more productive. Delivered continuously, like Google. Always improving so your users have the best tools every day, without disruptive upgrades.
  • Get flexible. Choose just the functionality you need today, add ing optional modules when you’re ready for them.
  • Keep it simple. Easy single sign-on integration.
  • Feel confident. Functional and technical support to help you succeed.

The Kuali Community

Kuali Ready is designed, developed, and deployed for institutions like yours. Community forums make it easy for you to engage with other institutions working to establish best practices in continuity planning. Take your place as a member in a vibrant, collaborative, and accomplished community of your peers.

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