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Unique Higher Ed Features

Improve Institutional Resilience, One Department at a Time

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Plan Building

Department Information Dashboard - Plan Building

Questionnaire-Style Format

Your users are experts in higher ed administration and academic disciplines. Ready's unique questionnaire approach ensures that your continuity plans cover all the important elements and that your users spend more time teaching, conducting research, and managing the institution.

Best Practices, Built In

Higher ed continuity planning best practices are built into the software guiding and supporting users throughout the planning process.

Unlimited Document Uploads

Continuity plans are only as thorough as the information they contain. Upload all necessary documents to your continuity plans.

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Plan Management

plan management dashboard

Plan Status Indicators

Know where each plan is in the plan building and management process, with a quick glance at a dashboard.

Plan Review Notifications

Keep plans current with notifications reminding users to review and update their plans.


Have a clear view into your continuity plans and produce reports to share with stakeholders and campus leaders.

Action Items

Identify and assign follow-up activities following plan reviews, tabletop exercises, etc. within the plan itself using Action Items.

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Modern, Configurable Technology

Student Affairs Dashboard


Your institution is unique and your continuity planning software should be as well. Configure Kuali Ready to your institution’s vernacular, processes, and attributes.

Import Data

Keep data within plans consistent across campus, improve user experience, and improve reportability by uploading lists of data specific to your institution like buildings, applications, departments, and more.

One source. From anywhere.

Access to important, accurate, and current information during an event is critical for an effective response. Kuali Ready ensures you have access to everything in your plans that you need from any internet-connected device.

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Higher Ed Community

While the challenges each institution faces are unique, the general strategies for tackling them are similar. Our community of college and university professionals—brought together through software designed specifically for higher ed—power innovation, improvement, and breakthroughs. This is where the magic happens.

Customer Support

Kuali Ready’s customer success team is with you every step of the way. We do more than help configure the system and answer support tickets. We partner with you to understand how you will measure success, sit side-by-side (well, sometimes virtually) to get your first plans developed, and stay in touch to make sure things are going great. We stand at-the-ready to help you achieve your goals. We might even nudge a little and we’ll certainly roll up our sleeves to help make sure you get what you’d hoped from our partnership.

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Single Sign-On

Connects with your institution's single sign-on solution for easy user provisioning and secure access.


We won't have the impact on institutional resilience we strive to support if people don’t have access. We care a lot about access, and we design to be inclusive for all.

Available from any internet-connected device

When an event occurs the unexpected may happen – losing power, access to campus, internet, or a host of other possibilities. Kuali Ready keeps your continuity plans available and accessible from any internet-connected device so you are equipped to effectively respond to any event that happens.

Hosted on external, secure servers for an added layer of continuity

No need to worry about losing access to servers, lost data, or downed internet connections. Kuali Ready hosts your continuity plans on geographically diverse and redundant, secure servers making them available regardless of the event that occurs or its impact on your campus.

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Our resources are designed to support your continuity planning efforts.

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