The State of Forms in Higher Education | 2021 Report

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Between 60% - 80% of form creators on campus still rely on Microsoft Word or PDFs; nearly 50% of form submitters wish they only had to sign something when absolutely necessary; nearly 200+ hours are waisted annually just looking for form approvals.

Our inaugural State of Forms Survey in Higher Education shares research from over 100+ institutions on the experience of form creators, editors, submitters, and approvers to delineate key take aways on how to we can continue to optimize processes across our institutions, transforming technology, tools, and experiences alike.

Download the survey today to review:

  • The current State of Forms in Higher Education such as the number of forms interacted with, common tools, and more
  • Key challenges across Higher Education campuses as it relates to form-based processes
  • Tactical recommendations for IT-teams and form creators to enable more effective and lasting process-based solutions
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