State of Forms in Higher Education | 2021 Report

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Discover key insights and trends in higher education forms with our "State of Forms in Higher Education 2021" report. Download now on Kuali Build.

Despite having between 3 to 5 automation systems on campus today, over 80% of form creators still rely on Microsoft Word for new form development.  Nearly 1 in 2 of all form submitters on campus still print PDFs to sign them.
Over 1 in 3 form approvers lose form submissions in their inbox on a weekly basis.

Forms are inherently pervasive across all institution campuses; understanding the make-up of those forms and challenges of key stakeholders in form-based processes forms in Higher Education will empower IT and campus leaders to identify strategies for continuous improvement.

Join us as we review findings from Kuali’s Higher Education 2021 State of Forms report including:

  • Which campus-wide tools form creators rely on most actively and why
  • Statistics of launch time, difficulty, and involvement when launching processes
  • Primary frustrations of form developers and form users across campus
  • Key lessons unveiled in differing experiences of form builders and form users
  • 5 key recommendations for developing more effective campus-wide processes