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How SNHU Manages Curriculum in a Changing Landscape

This video presentation is an encore from a lunch & learn at AACRAO! Learn from three industry experts from Southern New Hampshire University as they discuss how they manage curriculum in a changing landscape, focusing on the rewards and challenges of managing academic programs and courses — online, competency-based or classroom — across 3 very distinct colleges. Originally presented April 4, 2016.

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Challenges of Adopting a New Solution
Learn about the challenges Southern New Hampshire University adminisitrators faced as they implemented a new curriculum management system.

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A Template for Success
See how the Southern New Hampshire University team navigated challenges and mitigated many more.

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Campus-Wide Adoption
Learn how to gain campus-wide adoption and configure new processes collaboratively to increase buy-in.

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How SNHU Manages Curriculum in a Changing Landscape

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