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Webinar: The Benefits of a Collaborative Community

In today’s world, higher education institutions inevitably have complex software ecosystems as a core piece of their campus. The solutions they purchase to participate in this ecosystem can improve or impede the institutional processes in place to meet priorities. After spending vast amounts of time, money, and resources, the last thing a software solution should do is further complicate the very processes they are intended to improve. The antidote? Collaboration. In this 50-minute webinar, we will facilitate a panel discussion covering how vendor-institution collaboration results in better software solutions, improved user experience and ultimately, enhanced student experiences. We will discuss how to build relationships with your solution vendors, best practices to maximize those relationships, and how those relationships can simplify and streamline your day-to-day work.

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In this webinar, you will hear from three wonderful panelists:

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Chris Francis, Research Information Technology Specialist, University of Waterloo

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Christine Limesand, Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs Office, California State University Monterey Bay

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Mackenzie Mitchell, Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management Specialist, Texas State University

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