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SaaS That’s Smart: Infographic

Kuali develops SaaS that's smart to help you do your best research administration by offering unique, real-time, and collaborative insights and updates. This infographic explains the forward-thinking nature of our cloud offering.

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                                       SaaS That’s Smart: Infographic

SaaS That’s Smart: Infographic

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Self Guided Demo: Reporting with Kuali Research
See how built-in functionality improves effectiveness through preconfigured and customer reports.
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Meet Kuali Research
Looking for the right research administration platform can be a big undertaking. Use this eBook as a comprehensive guide to Kuali Research—understand what each module in the suite offers, see example reports, and learn what makes Kuali different.
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Webinar: How Reporting Can Improve Research Administration
Utah State University used the Reporting tool to provide transparency, consistency, and visibility for the sponsored programs office as well as PIs and their respective department heads.
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