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Preparing for the Unpredictable: Planning for Higher Ed Special Events

This 50-minute panel discussion features a question and answer portion with continuity planning and emergency management experts from Boise State University and Susquehanna University. We discuss what to consider when planning for a special event, such as large football games and controversial speakers on campus. Our panelists share their knowledge and experience in planning for such events and offer best practices that you can use on your own campus when preparing for your next big event.

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Implement a Plan for the Known, Possible, and Unknown

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Tailored to Your Institution
No two higher ed institutions are the same, your software shouldn't be either. Kuali Ready is configured to your institution and uses data specific to your institution to ensure accurate, consistent data across your plans.

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Data Management and Reporting
Configuring the data used in your continuity plans means each individual, regardless of department or division, uses the same set of data, preventing data silos, and improving and streamlining your reporting.

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Create a Single Source of Truth
Provide a single source of truth complete with all the necessary information to quickly restore critical functions and reduce the impact of adverse events.

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Industry-Leading Customer Support
We know you are busy! We of course offer exemplary customer service during implementation and kick-off, but also support you for as long as you use the software.

Preparing for the Unpredictable: Planning for Higher Ed Special Events

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