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Prepare for a More Resilient 2021

In this on-demand webinar, Mike Bear, Kuali Ready Community Engagement Coordinator, discusses what you can do now to prepare for a more resilient 2021. Bear brings a decade of emergency management experience from multiple sectors, including higher ed institutions to the conversation. Take away actionable steps to begin improving your institution’s resilience now for a better prepared 2021.

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Build Resiliency for Now, and the Future

Empower and Engage
Easily empower and engage all stakeholders with easy-to-use software, reports, and action lists.

Create a Single Source of Truth
Provide a single source of truth complete with all the necessary information to quickly restore critical functions and reduce the impact of adverse events.

Progress and Approval Tracking
We know each plan will come with its own array of approvals, and will pass through many hands before being ready for implementation. We provide easy tracking through each phase and remove friction from al of those moving parts

Tailored to Your Institution
No two higher ed institutions are the same, your software shouldn't be either. Kuali Ready is configured to your institution and uses data specific to your institution to ensure accurate, consistent data across your plans.

Prepare for a More Resilient 2021


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