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Higher Ed Department Level Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Ensuring each department's critical functions are planned and prepared for ahead of hurricane season is a large task, but the planning and preparation doesn't stop there. Everyone on campus–faculty and staff–should prepare their home and office for hurricane season as well. Simplify home and office hurricane preparations with this checklist designed for higher ed department leaders, faulty, and staff. Download and share with anyone at your institution that will find it useful.

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Easily Ensure Preparedness at the Department Level

Tailored to Your Institution
No two higher ed institutions are the same, your software shouldn't be either. Kuali Ready is configured to your institution and uses data specific to your institution to ensure accurate, consistent data across your plans.

User Friendly for a Variety of Users
the Continuity Manager is not the only one who needs to access and understand your plans. Our tools provide ease of access for every involved party so all parties are involved, without a massive learning curve.

Progress and Approval Tracking
We know each plan will come with its own array of approvals, and will pass through many hands before being ready for implementation. We provide easy tracking through each phase and remove friction from al of those moving parts

Built-In Guidance
Reduce the amount of training time needed for all participants with built-in guidance and best practices in the software.


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