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Case Study: Davidson College

Davidson College's Digital Transformation Team was on a mission to transform campus in a sustainable, strategically driven way. This agile team of tech-savvy generalists eliminates tech debt, digitizes paper processes, and supports additional IT initiatives, such as efforts related to COIVD-19. How do they do it? Their secret weapon, Kuali Build, plays a big role.

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Digital Transform Your Campus With Kuali Build

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Digital Transformation

Davidson College found that a digital transformation team was the best way forward to incrementally transform the entire campus.

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Forms & Workflow Automation

The digital transformation team found Kuali Build alone could meet 90% of faculty's form needs.

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Fast, Agile Processes

Davidson delivered comprehensive campus-wide processes in a matter of days when necessary.

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Get Started Today

Learn tactical steps to begin implementing transformation initiatives today to make a lasting impact on your institution.

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Webinar: Use Gamification to boost DX in Higher Education
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