Touro College


Touro College, which has multiple schools and campuses, had no business continuity plans in place. So whether there was a gas leak, fire, burst pipe, active shooter on campus, or some other emergency, Touro didn’t have a plan to continue to conduct critical campus business.


In 2018, Touro College leaders decided to make a college-wide effort to put business continuity plans in place. They chose Kuali Ready because it’s easy to learn, simple to use, and helps leaders create comprehensive business continuity plans. Ready has online tutorials, so it’s easy for people to sit down and complete business continuity plans, without leaving out anything critical. College leaders were able to say, “here’s the software, answer the questions, and we’ll take it from there,” said Shoshana Yehudah, Director of Emergency Preparedness at Touro College in New York.


Since deciding to implement Kuali Ready in 2018, Touro’s departments have been completing their own business continuity plans. People filling out the plans don’t have to come up with anything on their own—they just answer the questions, Yehudah said. And then college leaders can see gaps or where departments only half-answered questions, and send it back.

She said Ready helped them make sure they have enough people on-hand in or after an emergency for critical functions. Those roles include payroll, accounts payable, facilities, and campus security.

The program helped the college not only determine how to continue critical operations in the event of an emergency but also identify weaknesses. For example, the college didn’t think about backups on individual computers at the college, and now IT is working on how to backup local workstations. It also helped identify people on campus who were running their own systems.

“I don’t think there’s anything else out on the market like it,” Yehudah said. “Everybody should actually use this software. I don’t see anything else on the market like it.”

“We had no idea how to handle business continuity,” Yehudah said. “(Ready) was a godsend.”

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