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Kuali Ready adds a new role: The Power User

September 30, 2019

A new user role is being added to the Ready Admin level of roles. The new role, Power User, will be the next level of access below the Admin role.

Here are the descriptions for each role at the Administrator level.

Administrator: An Admin has full access to Ready and receives notifications that other roles do not. The Admin can view and edit all plans that have been documented for the institution. Admins are the only users that can access and manipulate system configuration panels. The Admin role is also the only role that can turn on and review new feature releases prior to general release. Ideally, an institution will have no more than two to three Admins.

Power User: A Power User has the same Admin rights to view and edit any plan in Ready. Power Users can also add, edit, or delete users. This role is useful as a back-up to the Admin role.

Global Viewer: A Global Viewer has view access to all plans but has no edit rights unless edit rights are specifically granted within the plan. This role is useful for executives and internal audit.

User: A User only has the access that is granted to them at the plan level.

If you have questions related to this new role, please send an email to

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