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Kuali Ready: A Year in Review

December 20, 2019

What a great year it has been, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you. As the year comes to a close, the snow starts falling, and cheers ring out, we want to pause for a moment and reflect on what this year looked like for Kuali Ready.

2019 Recap

Let’s dive in with a few fascinating 2019 Ready statistics for you. Currently Ready has 113 customers, with a total of 7,975 departmental plans, and 39,122 critical functions.

Kuali Ready and the Ready team grew with new team members and prestigious institutions in 2019. Join us in welcoming, with warm wishes and open arms, a few of our new institutions to the community:

  • CSU Sacramento
  • Des Moines University
  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Central Piedmont Community College
  • Guilford Technical Community College
  • Trinity University
  • Tennessee Board of Regents System (14 total)

And these team members:

  • Chris Coppola – Ready GM
  • Michael Buselli – Senior Engineer
  • Janice Nicholson – Customer Success Manager
  • Whitney Pesek – Senior Designer
  • Hank Bowman – VP Sales
  • Bess Fernandez – Senior Engineer

We are excited to continually be improving our software and services. We are now offering three categories of customizable services to help with your continuity planning needs. Some examples of our offerings are plan-writing workshops, tabletop exercises, building a continuity roadmap to maturity, and impact analysis. The service offering categories are:

  • One or two-day onsite workshops
  • Weekly remote one-on-one or group sessions
  • Purchasable hours to use as you need

We’d love to help you champion continuity planning at your institution. Contact Tony Benjamins or Hank Bowman, to learn more or schedule a training. If you don’t see the training and support you need, let us know. We’re happy to support you in any way we can.

As a part of the ongoing improvements, the Ready team works continuously to improve the user experience. While many changes we make are not viewable to the user, but rather are in the back end of the application to make Ready perform more efficiently, you may notice some of the new features or changes. Some of the more significant changes are:

  • Added a new “Power User” Admin level role.
  • Added a Feature Flag functionality for Admins to view and access newly released features.
  • Added a new contacts key section – moved and renamed the three contact categories previously contained in the “Resources” key section to a new key section named “Contacts”  

You can find more information on these changes here: New Feature Flag and Contacts Reorganization

Ready was excited for the opportunity to facilitate two webinars in 2019, both of which were packed with valuable information for our Ready community.

If you’re interested in participating in a webinar you think would be valuable to the Ready community, or if you have a topic of interest you would like to see presented as a webinar, please reach out to

Last month, at the request of many of our users, we launched a LinkedIn group for Higher Ed Continuity Planners and Emergency Managers as a forum to connect and interact with your peers.  

Please join in the conversation by posting questions to the group, sharing your experiences and challenges, letting your peers know the conferences you’ll be attending, or other information you’d like to share. Join the Kuali Ready community in the group here.

2020 Preview

We’re excited to share a preview of just a few of the new features or functionality we’re planning for you in 2020:

  • A new sidebar for navigation to specific Ready areas that will  minimize the number of clicks now needed for moving around in Ready
  • PDF improvements
  • Tables for the new contact information to improve how the information is displayed and used
  • Cleaner sections, providing simple, but all-inclusive recovery information
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Accessibility (for the seeing impaired)
  • Updated and enhanced Critical Function, Key Resources, and Information Technology key sections
  • Workflow additions for different levels of plan status

In February 2020, Kuali will be holding the annual Kuali Days conference, which this year will be held in beautiful Midway, Utah. But the really exciting thing is… This Is The First Year That Kuali Days Will Have A Ready Track.

Come join us to network with your Ready peers, enhance your knowledge around continuity planning and beyond, learn some tips and tricks in using Ready effectively, all while earning CEAPs for your professional certifications. For more information and registration visit us here.


Overall, it’s been a great year for Kuali Ready, and we’re ramping up for an even better year in 2020. We’re excited and looking forward to strengthening our community through interaction and sharing of ideas. We’re excited about iteratively improving your user experience in Ready and adding new features and functionality. We’re excited to meet you all at Kuali Days 2020, and we’re excited to continue to help you all in building the culture of resilience across your institutions.

Please, take this three (3) question Ready survey and tell us about your 2019. We will share your  responses anonymously with the community.

We, the Ready Team, wish all of you and your loved ones a beautifully blessed holiday season. Enjoy your break and we’ll see you all in the new year.

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