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How to Use Gamification to Launch Digital Transformation in Higher Education




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Educause research indicates over 75% of institutions are currently pursuing Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives on their campus, with this number recently skyrocketing due to the immediate shift to remote learning forced by COVID-19.

While Digital Transformation may come in many forms, a core tenant of success is digital literacy and technology adoption. Institutions must prepare long-term strategies for both deploying innovative digital tools and motivating staff, faculty and students to learn, adopt and champion technology. 

Research-proven techniques like Gamification will be a game changer for successful DX initiatives by recognizing, engaging and challenging team members to adopt tools.

Join educator and gamification guru Dr. Karl Kapp as he shares:

  • Modern research supporting the impact of gamification on learning outcomes
  • Proven challenges and opportunities introduced by the current climate of Digital transformation
  • Gamification learning techniques institutions can apply immediately to boost digital literacy.
  • Tactical advice for Digital Transformation and IT leaders seeking to make a lasting impact with transformational technology on their institutions


Karl Kapp
Professor of Instructional Technology, Bloomsburg University
Karl received his Doctorate of Education in the Instructional Design program at the University of Pittsburgh; the field of Instructional Design primarily focuses on the systematic and informal design, development, delivery, and evaluation of instruction in corporate, educational and governmental environments. This systematic focus is the cornerstone of his presentations and consulting work. Karl is a practicing knowledge broker, frequently speaking to businesses, corporations, professional societies, universities, and non-profit organizations. Karl consults with businesses on topics related to the convergence of learning, manufacturing, and e-technology, helping organizations transition into learning organizations through the effective application of technology.