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Mature Continuity Planning Program

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Your unit has developed and implemented a mature continuity planning program. This program includes regularly updating and testing your plans to ensure your team has identified and are working towards closing any gaps, and that staff members understand their roles during an emergency event. As you continue to mature your program you will most likely discover new gaps to close, or ways to mitigate exposures. It is very important that you continue with the path that you are on while expanding your training and testing opportunities.  

A few questions to start a conversation and guide your work include:

  • What is a type of exercise that will help my team practice recovery in a different way to be more prepared and perhaps identify gaps we haven’t recognized?
  • How can I get others across my division (or institution) more involved?
  • How can I get others at my institution on board?
  • Where can I get more information on how to be better prepared?
  • What projects should be on my roadmap to further develop the program?


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