Why You Need Software to Manage Your Continuity Plans

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You’ll update your continuity plans soon, right?

After hurricane season passes?

During summer term?

Once the university hires more continuity planners?

Next year?

Formulating and updating continuity of operations plans is now ridiculously easy.

Just add software.

The use of software specifically for business continuity is becoming increasingly crucial to institutional resiliency. A study by the University of Southern California shows that universities without software solutions have an average of 16 continuity plans. Those using a software solution have upwards of 200 plans, equating to over 12.5 times as many plans as those without software. Questionnaire-based software makes plan creation easy, which gives universities the ability to manage more plans. More plans means greater coverage for critical functions in more departments at your institution. That means higher quality readiness for any emergency a university might encounter.

Business continuity plans (BCP) take time to manage, audit and update. Research shows that the half of offices have only one (very busy) business continuity planner on deck full time. High-powered software, rather than a handful of Google Docs, streamlines the management process to allow continuity planners to worry about facilitating planning by passing some management tasks to the technology. BCP software significantly simplifies the job of organizing hundreds of departments at once by eliminating outdated paper-based processes and alerting plan participants when tasks are required. It provides a central access point to all plans across campus rather than a cluttered Google drive folder, or worse, a compilation of binders collecting dust on a high shelf.


Another study by the National Center for Campus Public Safety shows that only 36 percent of institutions have business continuity planning software to improve readiness and emergency preparedness. That number is far too low. These days, software can bring your readiness plans to life. It can give you the ability to visualize all buildings and campuses for your institution. To visualize peak periods for the most critical functions. To check overdue action items across all plans. And more!

So, the real question is not when you’ll update your plans. The question is, “Which software will you choose to make you the most resilient?”


BCP Infographic: The 2017 State of Higher Education Business Continuity Planning

2017 State of BCP in Higher Education Infographic

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