As soon as we saw Kuali Build, we knew we had found what we were looking for.
JD Mills, Director of Infrastructure
Davidson College
Very quickly, Kuali Build has become part of our standardized processes for our entire faculty and staff.
Rob Tedesco, Associate Director for Academic Affairs
Tufts University
It's the simplicity of the technology. It’s really simple. It has the easiness of Google Forms but it has the enterprise quality of our OnBase system.
Max Tsai, Director of Planning and Digital Transformation
California State University, Fresno
Kuali Build was the best because it had that integration feature that beat everybody else.
Erol Irez, Senior Applications Architect
Tufts University
We’ve created turnarounds that rarely exceed 24 hours and in many cases are under two hours because it’s a really quick click for me to review and approve.
Garret Yoshimi, CIO
University of Hawaii
Kuali Build is profoundly needed in higher ed. It allows us to empower more people.
Vince Kellen, CIO
UC San Diego