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Use Gamification to Boost Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Educause research indicates over 75% of institutions are currently pursuing Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives on their campus. While Digital Transformation may come in many forms, a core tenant of success is digital literacy and technology adoption. Research-proven techniques like gamification will be a game-changer for successful digital transformation initiatives by recognizing, engaging, and challenging team members to adopt tools.

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Why Now
Review industry research on why higher education needs to urgently pursue digital transformation, including how gamification can help.

The Trends
Understand leading trends in gamification for digital transformation initiatives at Higher Education institutions and the impact they're making.

Five Strategies
Uncover core strategies you can implement this year to either improve or kick-off your gamification efforts.

Get Started Today
Learn tactical steps to begin implementing transformation initiatives today to make a lasting impact on your institution.

Use Gamification to Boost Digital Transformation in Higher Education


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