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The True Cost of Paper and PDFs in Higher Education

Do you know how much your paper and PDF processes actually cost? When you add up materials from printing PDFs, staff processing time, manual entry between PDFs, and the security risk posed by PDFs, the figures are excessive.

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Automate Electronic Forms. No Coding Required.

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Paper and PDFs are Expensive

Between manual processing, physical resources, and potential security threats, paper and PDFs are a huge resource drain.

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Why Now

Review industry research and statistics on why Higher Education needs to urgently pursue other options.

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An Alternative Approach

See how an automated forms and workflow solution can alleviate costs and streamline processes.

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Learn tactical steps to begin implementing automation initiatives today to make a lasting impact on your institution.

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Guide: Forms & Workflow Automation
What is forms and workflow anyway? This guide walks through the cost not automating your processes, the benefits of using technology to automate campus processes, and what to look for in both low-code solutions and long-term vendor partners.

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Webinar: Automating Higher Ed Processes
Three higher education leaders share their experiences automating processes in the heat of COVID-19, including their daily challenges, prioritizing work, and the tools they used.

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Blog: 11 Manual Processes to Automate Now
Where should a campus begin their process automation efforts? This post dives into eleven processes our customers have recently automated.

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