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The Digital Reimagining of Higher Ed

The changing dynamic between students and universities is affecting the way institutions view and buy technology, and how they utilize that technology. This roundtable discussion will include folks from Adobe, Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University, and Flipp.ED Ventures, bringing a variety of perspectives on the evolving influence of technology for students and institutions.

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Student Success
Improving student success required a multi-faceted approach. Hear about learning outcomes, economic alignment, and developing workplace skills.

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Non-Traditional Students
Panelists explore how and why it takes a careful blend of technology and personal touchpoints to connect with both tradititional and non-traditional students.

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Innovative Examples
Panelists share examples of how their peers are innovatively using technology to solve problems.

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Take a look at curriculum and catalog solutions to digitally transform your processes.

The Digital Reimagining of Higher Ed

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Murray State University saves 200 Hrs per Curriculum Cycle
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How to Use Gamification to Boost Digital Transformation in Higher Education
Educause research indicates over 75% of institutions are currently pursuing Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives on their campuses. Research-proven techniques like Gamification will be a game-changer for successful Digital Transformation initiatives by recognizing, engaging, and challenging team members to adopt tools.
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