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Elevate Digital Processes with Kuali Build

Registrars offices and curriculum management departments are brimming with paper-based forms. Learn how our customer institutions are streamlining processes with Kuali Build, a forms and workflow automation platform. See how Kuali Build can use integrated data to create a Change of Program form in minutes, saving time and reducing errors for both administrators and students. Kuali Build is a cost-effective and simple way to replace paper processes or digitized forms with a virtual-focused, modern solution.

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Transform Your Processes. Elevate Impact.

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Launch Apps in Minutes
Build and deploy a forms and workflow process in record time with an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder, process mapping tool and automated testing simulations.

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Limitless Integrations
Connect with your most critical campus systems to empower business users submitting processes to orchestrate powerful updates, no copying and pasting required.

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eSign on the Go
Students can quickly submit and virtually sign change of major requests and permission forms while running between classes with no additional software or coding required.

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Streamline Approvals
Tired of digging through your email for that one approval email? Never again. With Build, you can send an automate an approval request to anyone on campus and always see where it is at.

Elevate Digital Processes with Kuali Build

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Guide: Forms & Workflow Automation
What is forms and workflow anyway? This guide walks through the cost not automating your processes, the benefits of using technology to automate campus processes, and what to look for in both low-code solutions and long-term vendor partners.
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The True Cost of Paper and PDFs
When you add up materials from printing PDFs, staff processing time, manual entry between PDFs and the security risk posed by PDFs, the figures are excessive. This infographic walks through costs associated with paper and PDF processes to help your team do the math and determine how much could be gained by choosing an alternative approach.
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Kuali Build vs. eSign Tools
Walk through the feature benefits, pricing model, higher education customer reviews and use case recommendations for both, including if you should choose one over another versus using them together as part of a portfolio solution.

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