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Case Study: Southern New Hampshire University Evolves Using Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management

Southern New Hampshire University transforms their curriculum in ways that improve business processes across the institution, powered by Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management.

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Transform Your Processes. Elevate Impact.

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Facilitate Growth

Institutions shouldn't be limited by their curriculum and catalog management processes. Kuali's modern solutions open doors for growth.

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Improve Governance

Automatically update other departments with notifications. Help them stay in-the-know by adding them to the workflow so they can see what's coming soon.

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Reduce Manual Effort

Repurpose resources used on manual entry for more important work that adds value to students, faculty, or staff.

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Break Down Silos

Increase transparency across program and course dependencies and improve inter-departmental communications with Kuali.

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Achieve & Maintain Accreditation with the Kuali Student Suite
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