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Export Control Webinar: Increased Efficiency & Compliance through Integration

US Colleges and universities need a solution that allows them to capture, track, monitor and analyze export control data to mitigate the risk of non-compliance. Kuali worked with Colorado State University and Descartes Visual Compliance to create a comprehensive solution for managing all your institution’s export control data and processes in one, secure location. Join the discussion to learn how you can use an integrated ecosystem to increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and close the gaps in export control management for your institution. In this webinar, hear panelists from Colorado State University, Descartes Visual Compliance, and Kuali Research as they discuss the challenges and best practices of export control compliance across he full project lifecycle.

Previously recorded January 2021; available now on demand.

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Reduce Risk with Export Control Management

Reduce Manual Efforts
Reduce stress and workload for your faculty and staff through built-in communication tools that faciilitate automatic notifications and updates.

Powerful Integrations
Seamless integrations allow institutions to link sponsored projects, conduct restricted party screenings, and trace interactions with other businesses and people.

One Secure Location
Store licenses and purchases, classify review types, complete foreign travel review and more all within Export Control.

Learn More
Watch the webinar to hear panelists discuss export control recommendations, common challenges, and best practices.

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