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Self Guided Demo: Creating or Updating Disclosures

Learn how to create or update a disclosure at your own pace. See what Kuali Research looks like and check out all the options you need to update a screening questionnaire, financial entities, project declarations, and certifications in this self-guided demo.

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More Research. Less Burden.

Increase Effectiveness
Win more awards, make data-backed decisions, and improve cross-department collaboration.

Improve Efficiency
Save time for staff and faculty while reducing IT burden and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Reduce Risk
Eliminate unnecessary manual entry, avoid penalties and fees, and ace research audits.

Experience the Kuali Research Suite
Increase compliance and make more informed decisions with Kuali's Compliance Suite.

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Learn more about COI/COC:

Kuali Research COI/COC Magazine
Get an in-depth look to see how the Conflict of Interest-Commitment Disclosure modules simply compliance and workload as part of the Kuali Compliance Suite.
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Kuali Compliance: Stand-Alone or Integrated
The COI and Protocols Compliance modules seamlessly integrate into the full Kuali Research Suite, but they were designed with full functionality that to operate independently.
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Self Guided Demo: Configurable Notifications with Compliance
You can tailor your notifications and correspondence to fit your unique needs.
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