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You need to go all digital, but the form builder tools are too technical for the average department user. Kuali understands. Create online forms and workflows. Build the apps your team needs—without writing a single line of code—with Kuali Build.

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Automate Electronic Forms. No Coding Required.

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Launch Forms in Minutes
Leave paper forms behind. Build and deploy a form in record time with an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder.

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Streamline Approvals
Automate your approval processes with Build's process mapping tool, testing simulations, and automated notifications.

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The Cost of Paper and PDFs
Between manual processing, physical resources, and potential security threats, paper and PDFs are a huge resource drain.

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Learn how you can transform your processes and say goodbye to paper-based processes for good.

What does Kuali Build do?

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Guide: Forms & Workflow Automation
What is forms and workflow anyway? This guide walks through the cost not automating your processes, the benefits of using technology to automate campus processes, and what to look for in both low-code solutions and long-term vendor partners.
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True Cost of Paper & PDFs in Higher Education
When you add up materials from printing PDFs, staff processing time, manual entry between PDFs and the security risk posed by PDFs, the figures are excessive. This infographic walks through costs associated with paper and PDF processes for Higher Education institutions and alternative approachs to help you save resources.

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Blog: 11 Manual Processes to Automate Now
Where should a campus begin their process automation efforts? This post dives into eleven processes our customers have recently automated.
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