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Case Study: University of Hawaii System

Approvals often get buried in an inbox. By automating approvals in Kuali Build, the University of Hawaii reduced its lengthy, inconsistent approval process to under 24 hours. Not only can the university complete standard IT approvals faster, but in times of crisis, rapid approvals facilitated a quick and seamless response.

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Automate Electronic Forms. No Coding Required.

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Reduce Email Fatigue

Before Kuali Build, approvals were getting lost amongst hundreds of daily emails, causing multi-week delays to time-sensitive requests.

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Streamline Approvals

Now, the IT approval process is automated through Kuali Build. With all approvals and their relevant documents in the same place, requests are often approved in under 2 hours.

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Transparent Workflows

Dashboards allow everyone to see what's happening. Say goodbye to chasing documents down.

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SCSU saved an estimated $675,000 per year in processing time. What could you do with those reclaimed resources?

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