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Transforming Business Continuity at Point Park University with Kuali Ready Point Park University has revolutionized its business continuity planning using Kuali Ready, a tool tailored for higher education. This case study delves into how CIO Tim Wilson and Erin Bridger, Associate Director of IT and Administrative Systems, have embedded continuity planning into the university's regular practices. Explore how they've turned challenges into a robust framework that ensures continuity, clarity, and compliance across the institution.

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We use Kuali Ready as a knowledge management tool. It forced us to define our business processes, and now, when someone leaves the institution, we aren’t met with surprises.

About Point Park University

Point Park University, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a small private institution that supports about 3,300 students. Learn how Tim Wilson, CIO, and Erin Bridger, Associate Director of IT and Administrative Systems, have woven business continuity into the institution’s regular business practices.

Problem: A Continuity Planning Gap

After an institution-wide audit before the pandemic, Point Park University’s CIO, Tim Wilson, realized the school needed a business continuity plan to accompany the existing disaster recovery and emergency response plan. Subsequent leadership meetings confirmed Wilson’s analysis. He searched for a continuity solution to complement a higher education business framework and Point Park’s small size. 

Solution: Planning Tool Built for Higher Education

Point Park University partnered with Kuali Ready to support their business continuity efforts. Wilson selected Kuali Ready because it was designed by and for higher education professionals and catered perfectly to the unique needs of higher education continuity planning. 

“There are a number of software packages out there, I looked at them. Kuali Ready fits us best because it is reflective of how we do business in higher education.” Tim Wilson, CIO, Point Park University

Results: Up-To-Date, Robust Continuity Plans

Today, Kuali Ready is critical to Point Park's business processes. The institution has 39 plans and 48 staff members who actively manage those plans. Point Park uses Kuali Ready as both a continuity planning solution and a knowledge management solution that stores business processes.

Integrating Continuity Planning into Business Processes 

Before everything was online, higher ed continuity plans often lived in a dusty set of binders on a shelf. Still, some institutions have a metaphorically dusty file of continuity plans that are rarely opened. Point Park University has uniquely integrated continuity planning into regular business processes, resulting in updated continuity plans and a knowledge management library that houses job responsibilities and software tools in use. Staff members update the plans when an employee leaves or is hired, after implementing new software, and when business processes change. 

Additionally, Kuali Ready sends customizable reminders to plan managers, encouraging them to review plans and ensure accuracy. Managers can also add action items, which is especially useful when they need to go searching for information and come back to the plan later. 

Point Park’s approach is so effective and necessary because the institution is small, with about 1,000 faculty and staff, and many employees are the only people doing their jobs. In the case of a crisis, without this plan, it would take a long time to find out who contributes to mission-critical functions and how to keep them running.   

Obtaining Buy-In

A huge caveat of a successful business continuity plan is buy-in from faculty and staff. The work of making the plans and building them within the tool needs to be done by dozens of different managers and cannot be effectively completed by one person. Before the pandemic, gaining buy-in was one of the most difficult aspects of continuity planning. Erin Bridger, Associate Director of IT and Administrative Systems, expertly implemented Kuali Ready with group training classes and 1:1 sessions as needed that included lots of teaching about the purpose of the plan.

When the pandemic struck, staff had a collective “ah-ha” moment as they turned to their up-to-date continuity plan. They were proud of the work they had done to keep the institution prepared and today they are fully invested in the work of continuity planning. 

Point Park’s Future with Kuali Ready

Without Kuali Ready, Bridger said it would be very difficult to manage the institution’s plans. “There is so much information that the software tracks. It's so easy to use and input the information and it allows you to track some neat things like the centralized software and departmental software used by your institution.” 

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Tailored to Your Institution

No two higher ed institutions are the same, your software shouldn't be either. Kuali Ready is configured to your institution and uses data specific to your institution to ensure accurate, consistent data across your plans.

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Empower and Engage

Easily empower and engage all stakeholders with easy-to-use software, reports, and action lists.

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Progress and Approval Tracking

We know each plan will come with its own array of approvals, and will pass through many hands before being ready for implementation. We provide easy tracking through each phase and remove friction from al of those moving parts

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Create a Single Source of Truth

Provide a single source of truth complete with all the necessary information to quickly restore critical functions and reduce the impact of adverse events.

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