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Case Study: Davdison College and COVID-19

Colleges and universities across the nation took many precautions moving into the fall 2020 semester to avoid a campus-wide outbreak of COVID-19. Like other institutions, Davidson College had a matter of weeks to develop a system to keep campus safe. Davidson College used Kuali Build and SnapLogic to collect and leverage COVID-19 data, providing decision-makers with the timely information they needed to keep students, faculty, and staff safe.

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Davidson returned thousands of people to campus with days' notice. What could your campus do with this level of agility?

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Webinar: Automating Higher Ed Processes
Three higher education leaders share their experiences automating processes in the heat of COVID-19, including their daily challenges, prioritizing work, and the tools they used.

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Adapt to any unforseen circumstances with Kuali Build
Reopening plans in Fall of 2020 adapted rapidly to the changing climate and health restrictions. Building a process to bring students back to campus required immense agility and ease of use. Watch this webinar to see how Kuali Build can help any institution adapt rapidly to unforseen circumstances to keep education moving forward.

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True Cost of Paper & PDFs in Higher Education
Do you know how much your paper and PDF processes are actually costing you on-campus? When you add up materials from printing PDFs, staff processing time, manual entry between PDFs and the security risk posed by PDFs, the figures are excessive. This infographic walks through costs associated with paper and PDF processes for Higher Education institutions to help your team do the math and determine how much could be gained by choosing an alternative approach.

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