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Case Study: Colorado State University

Colorado State University's research department needed a solution to return to campus following the onset of COVID-19. With Kuali Build, CSU built a comprehensive solution in 30 minutes.

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Automate Electronic Forms. No Coding Required.

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Problem: Returning to Research Activity

CSU's IT team searched for a way to return researchers to work in a safe and orderly way.

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Solution: Fast, Scalable Automated Forms

CSU used Kuali Build to create a complete return to research activity form and workflow in 30 minutes.

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No Code Tools

With no-code solution Kuali Build, IT teams built complete processes in under 60 minutes.

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SCSU saved an estimated $675,000 per year in processing time. What could you do with those reclaimed resources?

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Case Study: Southern Connecticut State University
Southern Connecticut State University searched for a way to manage paper processes. By automating with Kuali Build, administrators estimate savings of $675,000 by reallocating staff time from simple paper processing to actual information management.

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Guide: Forms & Workflow Automation
What is forms and workflow anyway? This guide walks through the cost not automating your processes, the benefits of using technology to automate campus processes, and what to look for in both low-code solutions and long-term vendor partners.

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Blog: Which is Better? Forms & Workflow vs eSign Tools
No software solution can meet the needs for every use case, so which software is best for your institution's needs? Dive into the functionality, use cases, pros, and cons for higher education e-signature tools and forms and workflow platforms.

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