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Leverage No-Code to Save Engineers and Empower Departments

Each university has a set of unique work with specific needs that require its strongest engineers: you want your strongest engineers focused on that work and not on simple tasks like forms. The University of Hawaii leverages Kuali Build as its primary, systemwide no-code platform to support a broad range of forms and workflow functionality across a statewide system of ten campuses, allowing engineers to focus on engaging, mission-critical tasks.

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Facilitate Campus-Wide Agility. No Coding Required.

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Why No-Code?

Understand how and why leveraging a no-code platform is crucial to the long-term success of higher education institutions.

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The Risks & Challenges

Learn to identify the risks and challenges of prioritizing your engineering team’s time and energy.

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Moving Forward

Gain actionable tips to implement a no-code solution like Kuali Build on your campus.

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Get Started

See how a no-code solution can help your campus. Take the next step and learn more about Kuali Build.

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Blog: 11 Manual Processes to Automate Now
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Case Study: Davidson College
Davidson College needed a better way to create sustainable, strategically driven change. In 2019, they implemented the Digital Transformation Team. This agile team of tech-savvy generalists has completed 8 projects, digitizing paper processes, and supporting COVID-19 initiatives along the way.
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