Workflow Routing: As Simple or Detailed As You Want

When building out a research proposal, you know who needs to develop each piece, where approvals need to happen, and the internal deadlines that make the most sense for your institution. Kuali respects the expertise and know-how of research administrators, and we’ve designed our workflow routing with the ability to be tailored precisely to your needs. It can be as simple or detailed as necessary for your institution. And you can change it as needed.

For example, let’s say any time you develop a proposal, a particular department wants to be able to sign off on a particular section of proposals, but in your current workflow, there isn’t a designated step in the process for it. You take it upon yourself to make sure you get them the proposal at some point along the way.

Kuali Sponsored Programs allows you to design your workflow routing to adjust to those needs. And not just at initial implementation. At any time. Workflows can incorporate specific individuals; a group, such as a department, committee, or organization; and you can even add ad hoc approvers on the fly for an extra set of eyes or additional approvals. You can even add alternate approvers at any stage. For example, you could set a dean as the primary approver, with the associate dean as an alternate approver if the dean is on sabbatical.

Workflow assignments also indicate who is in the proposal, so if a group is authorized to give approval, Kuali will record which specific person from that group gave the OK.

When it comes to managing research, moving the proposal through the process is the bread and butter of good administration. And Kuali helps you get that done in exactly the way you want.

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