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Video: Kuali Curriculum Management Software at Colorado State University

Kuali Curriculum Management Software at Colorado State University

Discover how Colorado State University-Pueblo has used Kuali’s cloud-based curriculum management software to replace paper and pencil processes. Learn why they’re excited to use Kuali for their catalog, what it was like to implement on their campus, and what else it’s helped them accomplish.

During this interview with Amy Robertshaw and Tanya Baird, they mentioned several benefits of using Kuali, including:

  • The ability to streamline curriculum and approval processes, make them work faster and smarter
  • The option to switch from managing their catalog in a word document to managing it with Kuali Catalog, which automatically pulls the correct curricular information and displays it in an interactive digital catalog
  • The ease of implementation and continued support from Kuali, which has eliminated the need to provide extra I.T. support on campus
  • The positive impact on both administrators and faculty, who have had had good things to say about how intuitive the software is to use
  • The ability to pinpoint mistakes and quickly fix them before they cause problems or affect other things down the road, as well as minimize mistakes overall
  • An overall increase in efficiency and quality

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