User Experience Design

A professor calls your office with an urgent request. “I need to change the classroom location of my course! My students are getting lost!” This request is a simple enough, and this professor can even fix it on his own. If he can navigate the system, that is.

A curriculum management software needs to be simple to use because so many users only access the software occasionally. Those individuals must be able to jump into the software and both use and understand it quickly, with minimal training or direction.

Easy-to-use software also mitigates problems for everyday users like you, too.

With Kuali’s Curriculum and Catalog management tools, users across campus who access the software every day or only once a year can quickly understand and navigate the software. With a clean and simple interface, designed with input directly from partner universities, you only see the things you need, without the distracting buttons and toggles to lead you astray. Our software is also color-coded, so you understand with one glance which curriculum proposals are being processed, which have been approved and archived, and which need your attention right away.

For those once-a-year users, they can solve low complexity issues within the software by using the quick navigation bar. This quick nav feature allows them to see only the screens they’re looking for without getting lost. For example – include an example here based on what’ s in the nav bar.

As for more frequent users who consistently contribute to the approval process, the visual workflow feature highlights exactly where they’re input is needed. For example, when you send a curriculum proposal to a dean for final sign off, she can check all the boxes, or send it back to the professor for further review.

And you can watch the proposal bounce from place to place with a clear visual that tells you exactly who’s desk its on. Need to add another step into the proposal process? The simple workflow configuration allows you to do just that, so you can make the workflow as complex or as streamlined as you need it to be.

With these thoughtful features added to your curriculum management system, all the users across campus will be able to use the software with less hassle than ever before. Professors will be able to solve urgent student-facing problems while you work on the heavy lifting of managing the constant flow of curricular approvals. Your deans and final approvers will get it – meaning less training for you to conduct. And all along the way, you’ll have a clear visual workflow to keep you organized and on top of things.

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