The University of Utah


The University of Utah was managing curriculum using a system of paper forms, then moving everything manually to their student information system. This required time to complete multiple data entry, increased the margin for error in the end product, and there was no way to know if the two systems were in sync or not.


The University of Utah integrated Kuali Curriculum and Catalog with their student information system, PeopleSoft. Kuali Curriculum modernized the way they managed curriculum, and the integration made sure that their data was ultimately where it needed to be.


The integration has eliminated much of the data entry of course names and descriptions, which took hours of time to input and check. And before the integration, they would need to be input into Kuali, as well as PeopleSoft.

“By decreasing the amount of data entry, we now spend more time reviewing course descriptions,” said Lyndi Duff, Director of Curriculum Management & Technology at the University of Utah.

Additionally, through the Kuali Curriculum software, Duff’s extra time allows her office to be more involved in pre-review activities like enforcing institution policies surrounding curriculum. Often, Duff would get course changes that had all the right approvals, but were, in fact, not in compliance. Now her office has the time and resources to catch non-compliant curriculum proposals before they reach high-level approvers—or the students.

Kuali also allows for configurations that cater to the set-up they have in PeopleSoft, so that courses aren’t inadvertently categorized incorrectly between systems. They can choose to auto-populate fields, or override the auto-populated information for specific types of courses. This allows them to automate where it makes sense, and have a careful eye on exceptions to the rule.

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