PDF Watermark available for approved and unapproved attachments

Within the IRB Configuration and IACUC Configuration tabs in Protocols, users can choose to add a watermark to attachments in both approved and unapproved protocols.

Disabled by default, it’s easy to enable this feature to make sure that it’s clear which attachments are approved and which are not—including thumbnail preview windows of the documents and any time a document is downloaded.

In unapproved protocols, the watermark displays text across the PDF attachment, and the text that appears can be edited to say exactly what you want it to say. In approved protocols, a configurable watermark appears along the bottom of the attachments. The watermark can indicate which version it is, when the protocol expires, etc.

And because the watermark feature is able to be turned on and off at will, you can decide whether or not a watermark is necessary on an institutional level, or from protocol to protocol.

Unapproved Protocol

Approved Protocol

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