Search across modules in Kuali Research with new omni-search function

The new Dashboard in Kuali Research includes a new search feature. From a single criteria and subset of criteria, you can now search across all sponsored modules: Proposal, IP, Award, Negotiations, and Subaward. This provides flexibility for search needs.

The search field now has a left-side option that says “Search Everywhere.” This is how your single search entry will go across all modules and all fields.

Your search results will display every relevant record across all document types.

The search index is updated immediately, so whenever a document is created, saved, routed, etc., the new information is added.

If you want to narrow your search, you can click on the left-hand box in the search field, and choose one or more options from a drop-down menu of categories. These filters will appear below the search field for reference.

You may also want to add specific filters but still search across modules. You can easily do this by adding the filters first, and then selecting “Search Everywhere” after you’ve narrowed what you’re looking for.

You can also save these search options so the next time you search, your filters will be saved until you modify it again.

For more information on this new omni search functionality, visit our Knowledge Base.

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