Kuali Curriculum Management Software at the University of Utah

See how the University of Utah has used Kuali Curriculum Management software to eliminate paper forms and consolidate the curricular workflows and approval processes of over 80 departments. During this interview, Lyndi Duff, the University of Utah’s Director of Curriculum & Technology, mentions several specific benefits of using Kuali.

Benefits of Using Kuali Curriculum Management:
  • Eliminating the need for PDF forms that are inefficient, prone to mistakes, and require extensive manual data entry resources
  • Having a better understanding of the effects curricular changes will have on other courses and programs by adding requisites and dependencies
  • Combining the change management processes of 18 colleges and 80 departments into a single university-wide process, while still allowing each department to have its own workflows
  • Allowing administrators and faculty to contribute in the right way by understanding processes and seeing only the information they need to see
  • Linking courses and programs together with learning outcomes, which ensures that students are properly prepared for graduation and beyond
  • Helping the institution make smarter curricular decisions that will benefit students in the long run

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