Integration and Implementation with Higher Education Modular Technology

Higher education institutions have long used student information systems as the single source of data truth within the university for research, registration, academics and more. With technological advancements and the changing landscape in education, how do institutions use data more effectively from all sources to meet their needs, solve problems, and provide stellar student experiences while still balancing reduced funding? Modular technology.

Modular technology allows institutions to address their unique needs while avoiding the massive resource drain of ripping and replacing their current student information system (or other ERP/ERA software) and the right ones allow the S.I.S. to still be the single source of information. Join us to learn best practices and tips from those living the experience every day: University experts.

Panel Members:
  • Garret Yoshimi , VP of IT and CIO, University of Hawaii System
  • Marlise Blackburn, Lead Systems Project Manager, Indiana University
  • Peter Brown, Research Administration Systems – Technical Lead, Indiana University
  • Sarah Crane, Product Manager of Curriculum and Catalog Management, Kuali, Inc.
  • Kat Szulc, Director, Customer Success, Kuali, Inc.

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