Indiana University


Indiana University has multiple campuses spread out across the state. It has more than 94,000 students and 21,000-plus employees. Creating a business continuity program for all those people, campuses, and employees is a daunting task—whether it’s a dedicated department or a small staff of emergency management personnel.

The university had a homegrown business continuity planning system, but it wasn’t as automated as they would like or easy to use.


Kuali Ready gave Indiana University a centralized business continuity planning system that can be used across all the campus areas.


Indiana University adopted Ready about seven years ago. Since then, it has built 800 active business continuity plans, said Cinda Haff, Office of the Vice President IT Emergency Management and Continuity Program Director. Ready makes it easier to juggle, update, and monitor those hundreds of business continuity plans.

“It’s helped from the standpoint of I have one central standardized (system) across all groups and areas,” she said.

“The different campuses have specific needs, and Ready makes it easier to build business continuity plans for those requirements. For example, the IU campus in Indianapolis has a medical school, so there are different continuity concerns there,” Haff said. It can use Ready to accommodate those different needs.

“They’re all using the same dots, and we can create one training model and one support model,” she said. The consistency of Ready is what makes it attractive. “It walks everybody through the same thing.

The consistency of using something that’s concrete and with a set design it helps collect content,” Haff said.

Luckily, it’s rare for any of the IU campuses to implement one of their business continuity plans. But having those plans available in Ready means the university and all its campuses have procedures in place to move forward in the case of an emergency.

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