Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Incorporates Accessibility Standards

Institutions are under federal pressure to make their websites and online materials accessible. Accessibility refers to making content accessible for those with disabilities, such as visual or hearing impairment.

Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management software abides by the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA standards, the current standard for higher education. The standards are set and available for anyone to utilize when building technology.

“Access for all users is something we feel is incredibly important at Kuali. We want to make sure we are contributing to forward progress at our partner institutions to ensure all users can benefit from our tools,” said Sarah Crane, product manager for Kuali Curriculum & Catalog. “We worked with a consultant to train our whole team on how to design and build with accessibility in mind.”

The standards for website development include things like alternative text for images, keyboard input, and transcripts, so websites and software are accessible to people with varying disabilities.

According to Web Accessibility Initiative, accessibility relies on several components:
Web content, which refers to any part of a website that is forward facing (text, images, forms and multimedia) or on the back end (markup code, scripts, and applications)
User agents, or software that people use to access web content—desktop browsers, voice browsers and mobile browsers.
Authoring tools, which are software or services used to produce web content such as code editors, document conversion tools, content management systems, blogs, database scripts, and other tools.

Kuali’s software is compliant with accessibility standards for users, and has set up the framework for institutions to create an accessible course catalog.

“The work we did to make sure Kuali CM & Cat are compliant is important,” said Ryan Lewis, engineering manager at Kuali. “It’s great to know that our software will work for everyone.”

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