Make more of an impact with your IRB and IACUC management.

Kuali Protocols

Administrators, chairs, and reviewers each have critical roles in mitigating risk and ensuring compliance with the protocols for human and animal research.

Reduce the administrative burden on research professionals. Kuali Protocols brings human and animal protocol management together in one streamlined portal. Protocol creation and review are made easier with intuitive navigation, configurable forms and smart reviewer tools. The cloud-based solution ensures your system is always up to date, without IT dependence.

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The Kuali Research community liked the clean design of the previous Protocols module, but wanted more control and easy access to more detailed information.

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Focusing on the user experience, usability improvements help higher education researchers spend less time on administration and more time on research.

What can you do with Kuali Protocols?

Ethical review and tracking of human and animal research protocols is a complex process for everyone involved – researchers, reviewers, and administrators. Decrease the time and effort required to approve protocols, amendments, and renewals with Kuali Protocols.

  • Manage both IRB and IACUC review processes with one solution and via one portal – one login and one view.
  • Create protocol templates that are more likely to be complete and ready for review on the first submission.
  • Improve and streamline reviewer comment management and between researchers and reviewers.

What can Kuali Protocols do for you?

Eliminate cumbersome and inefficient processes and reduce the amount of time spent on research administration. Kuali Protocols simplifies IRB and IACUC compliance management through one portal solution thoughtfully designed to improve the user experience. With Kuali Protocols you can now:

  • Customize any part of a protocol without code or IT help with the easy Kuali Form Builder.
  • Find reviewer comment references easily, and avoid having to search through the system, with field-level review commenting. See comments right in the form section where they are made vs. a summary list of references.
  • View specific changes between versions.

Why Kuali Research Protocols in the Cloud?

No hardware, no deployment, no maintenance. Just a faster way to get where you need to go.

  • A proven, secure cloud architecture
  • Continuously evolving software—no disruptive upgrades
  • Open source—our code is your code. Your data remains with you.
  • Functional and technical support


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Community Driven

Kuali Research is designed by and for research professionals. Higher education institutions  helped determine how we design, develop, and deploy the solution, including the Kuali Protocols module.

We make it easy for you to engage with Kuali in the way and to the extent you want. Some Kuali customers choose to participate as partners in the strategic leadership group to drive product development priorities. Other Kuali customers prefer a simpler role–taking advantage of the ease of cloud implementation and maintenance.

Whatever your needs, you take your place with Kuali in a vibrant, accomplished community of your peers.

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