Continuity Planning Built Specifically for Higher Education

Maintain campus resilience with a continuity planning solution built to handle the complexities of higher education–student residents, instruction, clinical services, research, special events, and more. 

Continuity Plans for Every Department in One Place

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Academic Continuity Plans for Every Department

Enable each department to build continuity plans for their unique needs. Provide a safe, secure, and accessible location to store plans and related documents for use when any adverse event occurs, regardless of your access to campus.

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Creating continuity plans requires reviews and adjustments. Build plans and collaborate with multiple stakeholders in the same place to reduce confusion and deploy plans faster. 

One Source of Truth

Easily oversee plans across all departments in one place. Use dashboards to monitor progress across the institution.

Campus-Wide Consistency

Maintain consistency in vernacular and reporting by importing unique institutional data such as people, buildings, applications, and departments.

Guided Planning

A questionnaire-style planning guide, designed by experienced higher ed continuity planners, empowers departments to get started quickly with minimal training and short implementation timelines. 

Secure and Accessible

Give stakeholders access to continuity plans and supporting documents anytime, anywhere. Integrate Kuali Ready with your SSO provider for added security and know your plans are safe from natural disaster, with data hosted on geographically diverse and redundant servers. 
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Monitor Continuity Plans

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Kuali Ready Dashboard
Kuali Ready Dashboard
Kuali form sample
Kuali form sample

Kuali Ready Case Studies

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“The different campuses have specific needs, and Ready makes it easier to build business continuity plans for those requirements.”
cinda haff
Office of the Vice President IT Emergency Management and Continuity Program Director, Indiana University
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“It’s very intuitive. I can train someone to use it in about 20 minutes. It’s just really cool. [...] Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also scalable,” he said. “It fits large schools or small departments.”
Stephen Morash
Director of Emergency Management, Boston University
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