Support Departments in Continuity Planning

Empower departments with a continuity planning solution built for higher education.

Introduce New Efficiencies to Your Institution’s Continuity Planning

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Guided Plan-Building

A questionnaire-style planning guide, designed by experienced continuity planners, helps users build a robust continuity plan on their own.

Lightweight Impact Analysis

Empower department leaders to accurately assign levels of criticality based on impact factors from critical functions within their plans.

In-App Reporting

Build custom reports to regularly track and improve plans.

Access Anywhere

Access your continuity plans anytime, anywhere with an internet-connected device.

Intuitive Dashboards

Check in with status indicators for each plan, quickly access plans in progress, and see where your attention is needed right away.

Import Data

Maintain consistency across campus plans by importing institutional data, such as buildings, applications, departments, and more.
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Report on Progress with Continuity Data

While so many institutions have made leaps and bounds in digital transformation, many are still wasting valuable time on administrative inefficiencies. A core element of digital transformation is embracing forms and workflow automation saving staff time and resources facilitating work that could be automated.
Kuali Ready Dashboard
Kuali form sample
Kuali Ready Dashboard
Kuali form sample

Kuali Ready Case Studies

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“It’s very intuitive. I can train someone to use it in about 20 minutes. [...] I could turn it over to my end users and not have to babysit it as much, and they can update it themselves and have access online.”
Stephen Morash
Director of Emergency Management, Boston University
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“The folks who have been through the business continuity training or planning process knew what to do. They knew who was responsible for what, they knew how to prioritize their functions and when or when not to report to campus. That is all part of the planning process.”
Lauren Mink
Continuity and Emergency Manager, East Carolina University
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