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Kuali Ready:
Continuity Planning SUITE

Academic and Business Continuity

Higher ed continuity planning software must address both business and academic needs. Kuali Ready is the only continuity planning suite designed for the unique academic and business continuity planning needs of colleges and universities.

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Your institution is unique. Continuity planning software must be adaptable to the specific needs of your institution.

Your institution has unique resources and critical functions that must be considered in your continuity planning. Any software solution you use should adapt to meet your institution's unique needs. Kuali Ready allows you to setup the software to accurately reflect your resources, departments, contacts, applications, and more.

Configuring Kuali Ready to meet your institution's needs makes it easier to create plans, review them with your administrator for completeness and accuracy, test, and iterate.

Data & Reporting

Are you responsible for reporting institutional continuity program progress across campus or managing an individual continuity plan?

Kuali Ready provides structured data within the software and a set of meaningful reports enabling consistent planning and accurate reporting.

Managing continuity plans across multiple departments can be time-consuming and tedious. Kuali Ready provides insights into the plan development progress right from the dashboard.

All-hands Approach

Continuity planning takes a village.

You're tasked with more than just continuity planning, you're planning to keep people safe, and to minimize disruption of the most critical elements of your mission. Often, continuity planning experts reside in one office while department, system, and process experts reside within each department. Kuali Ready connects people and expertise virtually to efficiently utilize everyone's expertise while minimizing time away from teaching, researching, and keeping the lights on.

Easy to Use

Simple. Powerful. Accessible.

Continuity planning software is only as useful as it is easy to use and accessible during an event. The questionnaire-style, guided format empowers all users, from occasional to power user, to easily create effective continuity plans. With minimal training occasional users can make impactful contributions to the planning process while also following built-in continuity planning industry best practices.

Uniform elements within the software help administrators create quality, usable plans that are consistent across departments. Built-in best practices ensure all completed plans address requisite components. And because Ready is cloud-based, during an emergency you can be confident you can access your plan from any internet-connected device.

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Start with business continuity planning

Planning for the recovery of higher ed business functions is a critical aspect of higher ed continuity planning. While it sounds similar to other industries, the critical business functions in higher ed are unique – student residents, clinical services, and special events security. Kuali Ready is explicitly built to address all the unique elements of higher ed, including academic studies and research.

Complete the academic continuity planning lifecycle

When planning for institutional continuity, academic continuity cannot be overlooked, and it may even be the most mission-critical planning you do.

How will you continue instruction and research when a disruptive event occurs? Which courses have the most significant impact on time to graduation? Do courses require specialized resources or logistics? Are you prepared to protect on-going research projects?

Kuali Ready gives you a complete, accurate, and accessible plan for each department whether it is a business or an academic department.

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Kuali Ready is designed in partnership with more than 100 colleges and universities, including:

Are you prepared for
a hurricane?”

Preparing for the infinite number of events that might disrupt your institution can be exhausting. Kuali Ready’s methodology simplifies the problem by focusing on recovering from the loss of four important elements, regardless of the event that might disrupt them. The four include the loss of an essential employee, normal work location, critical application, or unique resource, such as specialized equipment.This keeps planning simple.

Kuali Ready helps you manage your complex responsibilities with structured importable data, plan status reports, a robust dashboard, periodic plan review prompts, and more, all of which minimize the time required to manage the set of plans. And knowing how to improve or make your plan more robust once you’ve started the planning process can be difficult. Add that to your other tasks and responsibilities and it is understandable that your plan maintenance may get pushed down your list of priorities.

Kuali Ready is designed to make the plan-writing process, and maintaining plans over time, quick and easy. In addition to our thoughtfully designed software, our continuity planning experts are available to help review plans and provide advice, act as a sounding board, provide suggestions for plan exercises, and more. Kuali aims to be more than just a software solution vendor, our goal is to be your partner.

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Kuali Ready Features

User Friendly

  • Questionnaire-style format
  • Built-in industry best practices
  • Designed for the business and the academic user
  • Cloud-based and always available with an internet connection
  • Configurable to use your institution’s specific attributes and vernacular
  • Periodic plan review prompts

Reports & Data

  • Meaningful data about campus buildings, critical functions, application criticality and more
  • Activity logs to track usage
  • Dashboard to provide at-a-glance progress
  • Structured data to support reports and integrations
  • Action items to close recovery gaps and speed up plan completion
  • Data to report to executives internally, as well as externally to respond to accreditation audits
  • CSV export to use your preferred data analysis tools (Excel, Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Plan progress management and notifications

Integrations and Configuration

  • Configured to meet your institution’s processes and vernacular
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • CSV import for simple configuration of institutional information
  • Upload lists of data such as campus buildings, applications, departments, etc., to pre-configure drop-down menus to create consistency and efficiency in plans
  • Cloud-based document management to ensure all attached files are the most up-to-date.
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