Grants and Research


Key Benefits

  • Simplify processes and save more time for winning proposals with easy online access, workflow, and proven integration.
  • Make more informed decisions with insights that come from a single source of comprehensive and accurate data about the entire sponsored projects life cycle from proposal & award to compliance.
  • Delight your users with a continuously evolving product led by the world’s leading research administrators in the Kuali community.
  • Begin to realize benefits quickly with a cloud-based solution that makes getting started easy.
  • Increase leverage of scarce IT resources by tapping into the economies of scale of our cloud & easy integration with your campus HR, Finance, and authentication systems.

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“As a primarily undergraduate institution, our limited research administration staff and resources are limited but we are working hard to increase our research volume. KualiCo provides a single reliable source for proposal, award, and compliance information along with enhanced oversight and visibility with built-in reports.”

Coastal Carolina University

Streamline administration, maximize funding, and simplify reporting and compliance with our cloud-based products built on the open source, community-developed Kuali Research software.

The research and grant landscape for higher education is more challenging than ever. More institutions are competing for fewer awards while facing growing demands for oversight and reporting. Institutions managing research with paper-based processes, disconnected point solutions, and homegrown databases face additional barriers to success.

KualiCo Grant & Research Management provides full online sponsored projects management to improve efficiencies, management, and oversight of sponsored projects. Affordable and fast to deploy, our cloud-based solution eliminates the risk and expense associated with traditional software and delivers quick value with automated grants management and integration. It also facilitates enterprise workflow and a single repository for all proposal, awards and compliance management needs. And, with built-in reports on pending proposals, active awards, and investigator history, you’ll greatly enhance grant oversight and visibility.

How It Works

Automation of the grants administration process begins as the proposal is initiated and continues it’s way through award account creation. Here’s a sample proposal workflow:

What You Get

Our solutions are tailor-made for grants administrators: built for and by sponsored projects administrators facing the same challenges you face today. With KualiCo Grant & Research Management, you get:

  • Online pre-award and post-award management
  • Integrated online compliance management including COI, IRB, and IACUC
  • Top 20 canned reports and ad-hoc reporting (see our Report Book for more detail)
  • Integration with campus authentication, HR, and finance
  • Activation, configuration, and training
  • Cloud delivery and continuous improvements (no costly, disruptive upgrades)
  • Unlimited functional and technical support

For a more detailed description of KualiCo Grant & Research Management features and modules, see our Solution Overview.

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