Grants and Research


Key Benefits

  • Increase sponsored program efficiency
  • Automate proposal and award workflow
  • Reduce Inaccuracies by eliminating paper-based processes
  • Improve oversight and compliance tracking with timely and reliable reporting
  • Deploy in the cloud for fast, easy, reliable and cost-effective management

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“As a primarily undergraduate institution, our limited research administration staff and resources are limited but we are working hard to increase our research volume. KualiCo provides a single reliable source for proposal, award, and compliance information along with enhanced oversight and visibility with built-in reports.”

Coastal Carolina University

Streamline administration, maximize funding, and simplify reporting and compliance with our cloud-based products built on the open source, community-developed Kuali Coeus software.

The research and grant landscape for higher education is more challenging than ever. More institutions are competing for fewer awards while facing growing demands for oversight and reporting. Institutions managing research with paper-based processes, disconnected point solutions, and homegrown databases face additional barriers to success.

KualiCo offers a solution that fully integrates and streamlines the many tasks involved in pre-award, post-award, and compliance management. Our suite is built on Kuali Coeus open source software, which is developed by peer institutions that use it everyday.

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