Chaos isn’t just a theory.

Chaos is what happens when a course proposal gets lost. Or when a deadline is missed. Or when a prerequisite is misidentified.

It’s time to eliminate chaos. 

Kuali Curriculum Management helps ensure that your curriculum always reflects your best and most accurate course and program offering. 

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What can you do with Kuali Curriculum Management?

A great curriculum is dynamic, with a lot of moving parts. With Kuali Curriculum Management, you can master every touch, speed approvals, and never miss another deadline.

  • Create and manage your institution’s custom courses, programs, and other learning experiences, from simple to complex
  • Establish clear, cross-checked parameters like learning objectives, requisites, and dependencies
  • Access powerful cloud-based workflow automation and approval processes to track progress and reduce administrative overhead
  • Streamline approvals without sacrificing quality and consistency
  • Quickly find current—and past—course information with intuitive search and sort functionality

What can Kuali Curriculum Management do for you?

Kuali Curriculum Management provides the tools you need to manage curricula across your entire institution, no matter how decentralized it may be. With Kuali Curriculum Management, you can:

  • Make better curricular decisions based on a single source of truth
  • Create a more collaborative environment to work toward common goals
  • Use provided templates or easily customize the tool to meet your organization’s ever-changing requirements, without having to change the software code
  • Leverage your information in unlimited ways—download a CSV file, view in reports, or connect via simple APIs to campus and student information systems to ensure accurate and consistent data
  • Gain insights about learning outcomes across your institution

Why Kuali Curriculum Management in the Cloud?


Be speedy. No hardware. No deployment. No maintenance. Just a faster way to get where you need to go.

Be more productive. We deliver Kuali software continuously like Google. When a new feature is ready, we put it in your users’ hands. That means no more working around issues until your next annual upgrade. We’re always iterating and improving so your users have the best tools every day.

Be safe. Our code is open and your data stays with you. How’s that for an exit strategy?


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