Kuali Catalog Management Overview

It’s not just a catalog—it’s a window into the soul of your institution. With Kuali Catalog Management, students know they have the most current information about your course and program offering. And you know just how easy it is to create, maintain, and publish for them.

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What can you do with Kuali Catalog Management?

Help your students quickly find courses, programs, specializations, and other learning experiences in a searchable online catalog populated using the information you’ve already entered in Kuali Curriculum Management.

  • Find courses in seconds with robust, predictive search
  • Publish academic policies alongside course content
  • Add rich content to create lively and engaging pages
  • Print your catalog with just one click

What can Kuali Catalog Management do for you?

Be confident in the accuracy and timeliness of course information.

  • Keep catalogs current via native integration with Kuali Curriculum Management
  • Make updates to your catalog in real time
  • Help students explore and identify course and program offerings faster with robust search tools
  • Create and manage academic policies with simple workflow tools
  • Automatically generate a list of changes made after publication

Why Kuali Catalog Management in the Cloud?

Be speedy. No hardware. No deployment. No maintenance. Just a faster way to get where you need to go.

Be more productive. We deliver Kuali software continuously like Google. When a new feature is ready, we put it in your users’ hands. That means no more working around issues until your next annual upgrade. We’re always iterating and improving so your users have the best tools every day.

Be safe. Our code is open and your data stays with you. How’s that for an exit strategy?


Guides, Webinars, and Events That Can Help You Get Started


Kuali Catalog is a community-driven solution. Institutions like yours guide how we design, develop, and deploy it. We make it easy for you to engage the way you want to. Some Kuali partners choose to participate in the strategic leadership group to drive product development priorities. Other Kuali partners prefer a simpler role—taking advantage of the ease of cloud implementation and maintenance.

Whatever your needs, you take your place as a partner in a vibrant, accomplished community of your peers.

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