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New Year. New Focus. New Ideas.

June 19, 2020

Last year’s Kuali Days really got me thinking. I listened as many of you shared stories about this amazing community: sharing configurations to solve specific problems, providing crucial implementation tips, finally being understood in a community of people just like you. Kuali Days helped me realize, as a new member myself, just how incredible it is to be here with you.

We’ve got a company helping us to produce [the software], we’ve got ideas coming from the community, but [the software] is a shared possession and I think that’s what enables this community to work together. – Brad Wheeler, Vice President for IT and Chief Information Officer, Indiana University

We, as a marketing team, spent lots of time thinking about how to help our community interact and learn from each other on a continual basis. If we open up new channels of communication, what would happen? We even asked you, through a survey, how you would like to share your ideas and successes with others. Many of you noted you would be interested in a community newsletter.

So, we present to you: the Kuali Newsletter.

Each month moving forward, we’ll share our newsletter straight to your inbox. The newsletter you receive will be designed specifically for you. It will be based on news surrounding the product you work with, collected by the Product Managers themselves.

This monthly newsletter will contain a variety of content specific to your needs. Some of these things include community news, best practice use-case scenarios for using the software, new features and product updates that will matter to you, demos of new features, and best of all, how other people are using Kuali products in the best way possible.

I think what I like most about working with the Kuali Community is the community itself. If we encounter an issue, we go to the community all the time to try and figure out if someone else encountered this. That type of interaction, I think, is kind of the glue that pulls the community together. – Bruce Morgan, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, University of California Irvine

Additionally, we’ll ramp up our social media efforts. We’ll use this medium to share industry news specific to higher education and start conversations around where our market is headed. We have a new Director of Social Media and Events, Alina Gutierrez, who will be leading this effort. She would love to hear from you anytime with suggestions.

Find us on the following channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

I would love to work with each of you to make this new channel of communication as effective as possible. Do you have any suggestions of topics or content we should cover that would help you be more successful in your endeavors? Success stories from your university? Jokes or memes you’ve been dying to share? Any and all feedback is welcome. Please contact me personally at

Interested in receiving the newsletter? Link coming soon. For now, email me and I’ll add you to our list.

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